NYC subway train derails

A New York City subway train derailed on Friday, The Associated Press reported

The train was traveling on the New York Metropolitan Transit Authority’s F line in Queens, according to the report. 

There were no passenger injuries reported in the immediate aftermath of the derailment. 


The train was heading toward its final destination in Manhattan at the time of the accident, the AP reported. 

Firefighters and emergency workers are on the scene of the accident. 

The New York City subway is the longest and most heavily traveled public transit system in the U.S. The system, which has 659 miles of tracks and 458 stations, carries 7.5 million passengers on an average weekday. 

By comparison, the second busiest U.S. transportation system, which is the Washington Metrorail system, has 106 miles of track and 86 stations. The Washington system carries 758,489 passengers on an average weekday.