Governors to Obama: Drop private jet tax


Fallin agreed, arguing that while she agreed that “putting our nation’s financial house in order must remain the top priority in Washington," it should not be done by increasing taxes on private flights.

"Doing so through new tax burdens on a critical sector of our economy will do more economic harm than good and put thousands of jobs at risk," she wrote. "For this reason, I oppose the imposition of new 'user fee' taxes on general aviation aircraft operators in any form.”

The private jet flight tax proposal was one of Obama's recommendations to the now-defunct supercommittee of lawmakers that was tasked with recommending $1.5 trillion or more in cuts from the federal deficit last year.

Obama also recommended a $7.50 increase in the security taxes commercial airline passengers pay each way on trips. The airline industry opposed the suggested hike, arguing it would cost companies $36 billion.