Lawmakers press Obama to drop private jet tax increase


“Particularly given that the FAA reauthorization bill has been signed into law, there is no need to continue to discuss this bad idea.”

Petri added: “Almost half of the House members signed, and we would have no trouble getting a majority if this proposal were ever to be advanced to the full House — which it wont.” 

Both the general aviation and commercial airline industries have strongly opposed Obamas flight tax proposals, arguing that their industry is being unfairly targeted as a revenue source.
“Our customers are overburdened with taxes, and airlines have been viewed as effective tax collectors for the federal government for far too long,” Airlines for America President Nicholas Calio said this week in a news release.

After Obama first announced his 2013 budget proposal, the Alliance for Aviation Across America said in a news release: “On behalf of thousands of small businesses, charitable groups, flight schools and communities around the country that depend on general aviation, we are deeply disappointed in the President’s inclusion of ‘user fee’ taxes in his FY 2013 budget proposal.

“For these businesses and communities, which represent the backbone of our economy, an added per-flight user fee tax would saddle these organizations with a huge, unnecessary tax burden at a time when they are already struggling to recover from the economic downturn.”