FAA investigating drone over NFL game

FAA investigating drone over NFL game
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The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is looking into a drone that allegedly flew over an NFL preseason game in Charlotte, N.C., on Sunday evening.

The agency said in a statement provided to The Hill on Wednesday that it "is investigating a report it received from local law enforcement about an unmanned aircraft operating over Bank of America Stadium" while the Carolina Panthers hosted the Kansas City Chiefs.


The incident is not the first time the FAA has investigated drone use in connection with a sporting event. The agency took issue with the Washington Nationals baseball team using drones to photograph some of its spring training games in Viera, Fla., earlier this year.

The team voluntarily stopped using the drone, but the FAA said at the time that it was in violation of federal rules.   

The FAA also shut down drone operations for a Minnesota beer company earlier this year.

The agency has been testing the interaction between drones and other types of commercial and private airplanes at multiple sites across the country at the direction of Congress, which has demanded the FAA issue a ruling on the feasibility of greater drone use by next year.

The FAA is facing increased pressure to rule quickly in favor of more drone use because online companies such as Amazon have said they can be used to speed up delivery times.

Police and other law enforcement groups are also seeking approval to use the technology.

However, it has drawn criticism from privacy advocates, who have raised concerns about increased surveillance.

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