Third flight diverted over legroom battle

Third flight diverted over legroom battle
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A commercial jetliner was diverted for the third time in recent weeks on Monday because of a dispute between passengers over a reclined seat, ABC News reports

Delta Airlines Flight 2370, from New York’s LaGuardia Airport to West Palm Beach, Fla., was diverted to Jacksonville International Airport, after a female passenger became angry at a woman who was sitting in front of her for reclining her seat, according to the report. 

The incident follows a pair of similar earlier mid-flight disturbances on United and American airlines flights that resulted in flights being forced to unplanned landings. 


The United flight was diverted after two passengers began physically fighting each other after one person placed a knee defender device on his tray table to prevent the person sitting in front of him from reclining their seat. 

The Federal Aviation Administration has ruled that knee defenders like the device that sparked the mid-air fight on United do not violate federal rules

“While the product does not violate any FAA regulations, it is up to individual airlines to prohibit it,” the agency said in a statement that was provided to The Hill. 

“We expect passengers to comply with airline policies and directions given by the flight and cabin crew,” the FAA statement continued. “The FAA discourages the use of any device that alters the performance of any part of an airplane.”

The Delta plane on Monday was allowed to continue to its final destination after the angry passenger was removed from the flight.