Former lawmaker's group sues TSA for alleged Freedom of Information Act violation


The lawsuit, which was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, says TSA did not comply with with a request for records "which contain any and all administrative directives or memoranda from either the TSA and/or the DHS, or any component there of … pertaining to instructions to staff, employees or supervisors that affect the public when members of the public are asked to submit to full body scans or 'putdowns' while attempting to board aircraft, which have been adopted by the TSA or DHS."

The records request also asked for documents "which discuss the aforementioned issue and contain the terms 'national opt-out day,' 'BobBarr,' 'OptOutAlliance,' 'LibertyGuard,' 'JohnTyner,' 'GeorgeDonnelly,' ',' 'domestic extremists,' ',' 'MattDrudge,' ',' 'AlexJones' and any other term or proper name germane to the aforementioned terms and matter."

The lawsuit alleges TSA acknowledged receipt of the records request, but refused to release documents to Liberty Guard because it believed the information was "exempt from disclosure."