New Spirit Air ad: ‘Don’t recline’ flight sales

Spirit Airlines is referencing a recent spate of disputes over reclined airplane seats in a new flight sale advertisement on its website. 

The ad, which is posted on the front page of Spirit's website, tells passengers “don’t recline this deal” and offers them flights as low as $33.10 each way. 

The campaign comes after a trio of flights have been diverted in recent weeks after passengers engaged in mid-flight arguments and in some cases physical altercations over reclined airplane seats. 


Spirit has a history of referencing controversial events in its online advertising. The company offered a 9-9-9 sale during the 2012 presidential election that was named after former Republican presidential candidate's Herman Cain's ubiquitous tax plan that year. 

Spirit later had a “binder full of sales,” referring to a debate comment from 2012 Republican nominee Mitt Romney that made reference to reviewing "whole binders full of women" for positions in his Cabinet when he was governor of Massachusetts.