Ebola joke prompts hazmat suits on US Air flight

A passenger joking about having Ebola resulted in US Airways greeting a flight in the Dominican Republic with hazmat suits, USA Today reports

The passenger, who was flying from Philadelphia to Punta Cana, allegedly told seatmates that he had Ebola after sneezing in the middle of the flight, according to the report. 

Officials responded by inspecting the airplane in hazmat suits, when it arrived in the Dominican Republic before it was allowed to travel to a gate. 


US Air told the paper that it followed protocols that called for a thorough inspection “due to a possible health issue on board."

The airline industry has been worried about the impact of the panic following the first domestic diagnosis of Ebola last week. 

Thomas Eric Duncan became the first person diagnosed with the virus in the United States, shortly after he traveled from Liberia to Dallas in September. 

Duncan, who died Wednesday, flew on United Airlines with a layover in Washington, D.C.