Transportation sector adds 7,000 jobs as unemployment rate ticks up


The overall transportation sector employment numbers were up from 4,295,000 in June of 2011.

Supporters of the recently approved $105 billion highway bill have long cast the measure as a job-creator. President Obama signed the bill into law last month after a fractious negotiation between the House and Senate, but the measure has still yet to be implemented.

The sector with the highest number of gains in transportation, according to the BLS, was the trucking industry, which had 1.346 million jobs as of July, compared to 1,343,300 jobs in June.

The bureau found that the aviation industry had 459,000 jobs in July, up slightly from 458,800 in June. Rail companies employed 234,600 people in July, compared to 234,100 in June.

Public transit had 432,600 jobs in July, down from 426,100 jobs in June.

The full BLS report can be read here