Uber expanding 'UberEats' food delivery service

Uber expanding 'UberEats' food delivery service
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Popular ride-hailing company Uber is expanding its food delivery service, UberEats, to San Francisco. 

The company tweeted that it is adding San Francisco, which is its hometown, to a list of six cities where users can order food using an app that is similar to Uber's popular ride-hailing service.

"Get ready to dig in, San Francisco and Austin—#UberEATS has arrived," the company tweeted. 

Uber has touted its food service as an "ultrafast" alternative to traditional delivery and online competitors such as GrubHub and TakeoutTaxi. 


"UberEATS delivers the best of your city right when you want it. Our curated menus feature dishes from the local spots you love," the company says on its website. "And the ones you’ve always wanted to try. It’s same cashless payment as an Uber ride. So just tap the app, meet your driver outside, and enjoy." 

San Francisco joins Austin, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Toronto and Barcelona on the list of cities were UberEats operates.