Jesse Ventura slams 'useless' TSA Yelp reviews

Jesse Ventura slams 'useless' TSA Yelp reviews
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Former Minnesota Gov. and professional wrestler Jesse Ventura (I) said Friday that online reviews will not help the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) improve because it is a "useless agency."

The TSA is one of several government agencies participating in a partnership with Yelp that allows visitors to the website to leave comments about their interactions with workers. 


Ventura, who won a surprise term as Minnesota governor as a third-party candidate in 1998 after a lengthy pro wrestling career, said the reviews would do little to make the TSA better. 

"The TSA wants to rank your experience with them," he tweeted. "A 96 [percent] failure rate isn't enough to get rid of this useless agency." 

President candidate Carly Fiorina (R) has already left a one-star Yelp review for the TSA, saying "the TSA spent $160 million of your taxpayer dollars on body scanners that have a 96% failure rate. 

"Unfortunately, these stories of inept federal bureaucracies have become far too common," the former Hawlett-Packard CEO continued. "It is part of a pattern that confirms what we have known for a long time about our government: it has become too big, too powerful and too corrupt to do its job." 

Yelp announced in a blog post Tuesday that federal agencies and offices can now claim their pages on the crowd-sourced review service, touting the TSA as an example.

"We encourage Yelpers to review any of the thousands of agency field offices, TSA checkpoints, national parks, Social Security Administration offices, landmarks and other places already listed on Yelp if you have good or bad feedback to share about your experiences," the company wrote.

—Jesse Byrnes contribute to this report.