Feds to require drone owners to register

Feds to require drone owners to register
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The federal government is planning to require drone owners to register their devices by later this year, according to reports.

The plan, which is intended to cut down on any potential accidents in the air, would require owners to register with the Department of Transportation.

The government is reportedly working with the drone industry on the policy, with an announcement slated for Monday, according to The Wall Street Journal. The department will establish a task force to draw out the rules, which could be ready by Christmas-time.


The federal government has been under pressure from businesses to clear the way for commercial use of unmanned aircraft. The Federal Aviation Administration recently approved drone flights by the NFL.

But there is also growing concern about the use of drones by private citizens, with most recreational use legal, but some airspace restricted. Reports claim the FAA has documented hundreds of close calls between drones and aircraft in the skies.

Earlier this year, a drone crashed onto the White House grounds, sparking safety concerns and calls for the feds to enact clear regulations.