Spirit Airlines offers 'binders full of sales'

Seeking to capitalize on the Internet buzz surrounding Mitt Romney's reference to a "binder full of women" during Tuesday's debate, Spirit Airlines is offering passengers a "binder full of sales" on flights to its destinations.

During the showdown with President Obama at Hofstra University in New York state, Romney made reference to reviewing "whole binders full of women" for positions in his Cabinet when he was governor of Massachusetts.

The comment was meant to blunt attacks from Obama and other Democrats about Romney's position on abortion rights and other gender issues like contraception, but it has taken on a life of its own on social media sites.


On Wednesday, Spirit got into the act with a banner on its website that read "We've got tons of binders of sales. Women will love them." 

The airline has a history of referencing political events in its online advertising, famously offering a 9-9-9 sale named after former Republican presidential candidate's Herman Cain's ubiquitous tax plan.