TSA PreCheck enrollment tops 2 million

TSA PreCheck enrollment tops 2 million

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) said Wednesday that 2 million people have signed up for its PreCheck known-traveler program.

The program, which is part of the agency's move to "risk-based" security techniques, allows airline passengers to volunteer information to the agency in exchange for the possibility of receiving expedited screenings.

Participants pay an $85 dollar fee that covers five years of expedited screening. Pre-approved passengers are usually able to keep wearing shoes and belts at airport security checkpoints. 


The agency said Wednesday that topping 2 million enrollees is a big milestone for the PreCheck program, which was first implemented in 2011. 

“We are pleased to announce this milestone as the continued growth of the trusted traveler population allows us to better focus our resources on high-risk, unknown passengers, while facilitating travel for low-risk individuals,” TSA Administrator Peter Neffenger said in a statement. 

“We look forward to the continued expansion of TSA PreCheck as we continue our drive towards having more travelers directly enrolled in trusted traveler programs,” he continued.  

The TSA has been criticized in the past for offering too many free trials of the PreCheck program as it was trying to build enrollment, but the agency has said it has stopped the giveaways as more passengers are signing up for the program.

The agency came under fire in 2014 for reportedly clearing a "notorious felon" for expedited screening.