Chrysler official: Workers given day off to vote


The off day for federal elections was negotiated as part of the major auto companies' contracts with the United Auto Workers union, a spokesperson for the UAW told The Hill on Tuesday. Workers at Ford and General Motors were also scheduled to be given Election Day off.

Chrysler's Giles made news last week when he tweeted to the controversial real estate mogul, “you are full of s--t" after Trump seized on disputed reports that Chrysler is planning to move production of its Jeep brand overseas. Trump was echoing criticisms that have emanated from GOP nominee Mitt Romney's campaign as the former Massachusetts governor sought to respond to Democratic attacks for his opposition to the $80 billion bailout of the U.S. auto industry.

Chrysler has strongly denied the accusation it is moving U.S. Jeep production, saying it was considering building cars in China for Chinese customers. The company says it has actually added 1,100 U.S. jobs recently in critical swing state Ohio.

Democrats and President Obama’s campaign have seized on the Chrysler statement to argue that Romney isn't being truthful, but the company has not made any endorsements in the contentious race that is ending Tuesday.

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