Delta CEO retiring

Delta CEO retiring
© Greg Nash

Delta CEO Richard Anderson is retiring after nearly nine years at the helm of the nation's second biggest airline. 

The company announced Wednesday that Anderson will be replaced by current Delta President Ed Bastian on May 2. 

Anderson will become chairman of the Delta Air Lines Board of Directors after his departure from the CEO position, according to the company.  


Delta said Wednesday that it will miss Anderson's leadership of its day-to-day operations. 

“Under Richard’s leadership, Delta has become the most profitable and best run airline that consistently delivers excellent customer service," said Dan Carp, who is the current Chairman of the Delta Board.  

"The entire Board of Directors extends a hearty thanks for his service, his leadership and his thoughtful succession planning process," Carp continued.  "This succession plan has been several years in the making and will keep Delta on top of the global industry." 

Anderson said Wednesday that he is confident in Bastian's ability to take over for him after nearly a decade at the helm of Delta. 

“Ed has been a critical part of Delta’s success," he said. "He is an exceptional leader and has been an invaluable partner in leading the remarkable transformation of Delta over the last decade." 

Carp added that Bastian "will lead the best management team in the global industry.  

"Delta’s succession planning and executive development has produced the top performing executive team in the global airline industry,” he said.