LaHood touts visit to 50th US state


“Now with my most recent ride to Monday's transit announcement in Montana's Glacier National Park, it's official: As U.S. Secretary of Transportation, I have visited every one of our nation's 50 states. I've also traveled to 211 different cities,” LaHood continued. “And I have enjoyed every single one.”

LaHood announced last month that he was planning to retire from the DOT, pending the appointment and Senate approval of his successor.

LaHood said of his four years in office, “from coast to coast, I've seen hundreds of communities where people are coming together, putting aside their differences, and working to achieve their transportation needs.

“Cities, towns, and counties are forging more efficient transportation regions,” LaHood wrote. "State and local governments are creating alliances with private organizations and businesses. And this DOT is happy to partner with them.”

LaHood said he also appreciated getting to visit DOT employees who are not based in Washington.

“It's not just the different communities or transportation improvements that I appreciate,” he wrote. “In many of the places I've visited, I've had the opportunity to meet folks who are part of the U.S. Department of Transportation team, but who do their important work hundreds or thousands of miles away from our Washington, DC, headquarters. To see the great job these professionals are doing is a powerful reminder that our federal government is far more than an abstract bureaucracy of office buildings.”

The White House has been quiet about the timing of the selection of LaHood’s successor atop the DOT. A long list of rumored candidates has been the focus of speculation in Washington, but Obama has not spoken publicly about the position since he congratulated LaHood on his tenure.