CBC chairwoman praises Foxx DOT pick


Obama introduced Foxx as his choice to replace outgoing Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood on Monday.

He said he picked Foxx for the job because of his work on public transportation projects in Charlotte.

"When Anthony became mayor in 2009, Charlotte, like the rest of the country, was going through a bruising economic crisis," Obama said. "But the city has managed to turn things around. The economy is growing. There are more jobs, more opportunity. And if you ask Anthony how that happened, he’ll tell you that one of the reasons is that Charlotte made one of the largest investments in transportation in the city’s history."

Prior to the announcement of Foxx’s selection for the DOT, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney defended Obama’s Cabinet choices, saying that diversity was a priority for the president.

"The president believes that diversity is very important because diversity in his Cabinet and among his top advisers improves the decision-making process," Carney said Monday. "It improves the inputs, and therefore improves his capacity to deliberate and make the best decisions possible when it comes to policy for the country."

Fudge said after the Foxx announcement that he was “especially pleased” with Obama's selection.