This week in transportation: FAA cutback turbulence quietly continues


The lawmakers said last week that they assumed the measure they were voting contained enough money to stop the air traffic controller furloughs that led to flight delays and keep the air towers open.

“Our support of this [legislation] was based on the understanding that the contract towers would be fully funded,” the lawmakers wrote. “By providing up to $253 million in funding authority — far above the amount required to prevent furloughs — Congressional intent is clear: FAA must prevent the slated closure of 149 contract towers by fully funding the contract tower program.”

The FAA has said that it is “reviewing” the bill that was passed by Congress, a process that will continue into this week.

Elsewhere on Capitol Hill this week, the House Homeland Security Committee’s Transportation Security subcommittee will hold a hearing on Wednesday on TSA’s process for purchasing equipment and facilities.

The hearing, which is titled “TSA Procurement Reform: Saving Taxpayer Dollars Through Smarter Spending Practices." It will be chaired by Rep. Richard Hudson (R-N.C.).