Foxx likely to be sworn in at DOT next week


LaHood told reporters on Thursday that he would likely remain involved in transportation policymaking after he leaves his Cabinet post

"I'm retiring from this job. I'm not retiring from life," LaHood said during an event at the National Press Club in Washington.

LaHood said he would most likely split time going forward between his hometown of Peoria, Ill., and Washington. He added that he was hoping to work for nonprofit groups that specialize in safety issues.

"I'm going to take July and August and hope the phone rings and see who's on the other end," LaHood said. "Then I'll get to the fall and make a decision."

The Senate unanimously confirmed Foxx as LaHood's replacement on Thursday, much as the former Peoria congressman was approved his own 2009 vote.  

The Charlotte mayor said that he was "honored" by the Senate's vote of confidence.

“Safer, more efficient transportation can make a difference in every American’s life," Foxx said in a statement. "I’ve seen it firsthand in Charlotte, and I’m looking forward to continuing the president’s commitment to improve transportation in communities across the country once I’m sworn in as the next transportation secretary.”