Pakistani passenger plane crashes on way to Islamabad

Pakistani passenger plane crashes on way to Islamabad
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A Pakistan International Airlines plane flying to Islamabad crashed Wednesday, according to an ABC News report.


There were 48 people on board the flight, including passengers and crew. 

A statement from the airline, reported by The New York Times, said the plane crashed in the Abottabad District.

“Rescue efforts are underway, and we are also ascertaining the extent of damage to life to those on board the aircraft,” the statement said.

Abbottabad District’s deputy inspector general of police, Saeed Wazir, said the site of the crash “is a hilly area” and that “police are on their way,” according to the newspaper. 

“But what locals from the crash scene are telling us, the passengers are all burned,” said Wazir. “Smoke and fire are billowing from the debris. No one can go near it. People are helpless.”

The ABC News report said it is unknown if there are any survivors.