Trump’s infrastructure plan could include veterans hospitals, broadband

Trump’s infrastructure plan could include veterans hospitals, broadband
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President Trump’s $1 trillion infrastructure package could include projects targeted at broadband and veterans hospitals, according to Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao.

While Trump has long talked about the need to repair U.S. roads, bridges, tunnels and airports, the scope and details of his proposal have been largely unclear.

But Chao’s comments, made Wednesday during an anniversary event at the Transportation Department, suggest that the plan could tackle a broad range of infrastructure interests.


“The proposal will cover more than transportation infrastructure,” Chao said. “It will include energy, water, and potentially broadband and veterans hospitals as well.”

The potential inclusion of veterans hospitals appears to be a new development. The administration, eager for a legislative victory after the healthcare defeat, could be looking to garner more support for the measure.

Rural lawmakers have been urging the administration to include funding tools that will help improve broadband access and other issues that are unique to their communities. Earlier this month, rural broadband and farm groups sat down with staff members on the National Economic Council to offer suggestions for the package.

Chao said the legislative proposal, which will be unveiled “later this year,” is expected to include public-private partnerships and a series of regulatory reforms aimed at speeding up project delivery.

“The problem is not money,” Chao said. “It’s delays caused by the government.”