Truckers to protest Obama on Beltway

A group of truck drivers are planning to protest the federal government by backing up the Capital Beltway around Washington, D.C.

The group “Truckers for the Constitution” is hoping to call attention to its frustration with regulations from the Obama administration and the overall political climate in the U.S. with an appeal that echoes the early rhetoric of the Tea Party.

“Independent Truckers of America are essentially operating on extremely low; and in most cases working below minimum wage, and all paying exorbitant fuel costs and fees,” the group said on its website, RideForTheConstitution.org.

“American truckers are also very politically astute and great patriots, they are all well aware of what is happening to our U.S. Constitution,” the website continued. “Through this campaign, they are leading the convoy of all Americans coast-to-coast who wish to restore our constitutional republic. America is calling out to our Patriots, and if any group can help lead the charge to save our nation, it’s the U.S. truckers.”  


The truck drivers are complaining about their wages, gas prices and the Obama administration’s regulations of their industry. Additionally, they are unhappy with reports the U.S. government was spying on American citizens earlier this year and the amount of debt the country has.

The group framed its decision to protest by backing up the 64-mile Capital Beltway as a necessity to get the attention of lawmakers.

“All Americans are frustrated with the lawlessness of our congressman and senators who refuse to work on behalf of the American people,” the truck driver group said on its website. “It has become apparent that our elected officials will never respond to the will of the people as long as their greed wealth is not jeopardized. 

"The only thing that motivates every politician is their money — cutting off their money-flow cuts off their life-blood. The Independent Truckers in the United States essentially keep commerce flowing for benefit of the central government.”

Like the initial rise of the Tea Party in 2009, the truck drivers cast their protest in stark terms.

“The only way to get our legislators to operate lawfully and constitutionally is to penalize them with a credible threat of a shutdown,” the group said. “Through this effort, the American people can demand that all congressmen and senators sign on to the demands for them to operate lawfully and Constitutionally, or risk a possible shutdown if they refuse to follow the law; the supreme law of the land; the U.S. Constitution.”

The flyer the truck drivers are distributing for their planned protest names President Obama, Secretary of State John KerryJohn KerryBudowsky: President Biden for the Nobel Peace Prize Bishops to debate banning communion for president In Europe, Biden seeks to reassert U.S. climate leadership MORE and Sens. John McCainJohn Sidney McCainFive takeaways from the Biden-Putin summit Meghan McCain: Harris 'sounded like a moron' discussing immigration Arizona AG Mark Brnovich launches Senate challenge to Mark Kelly MORE (R-Ariz.) and Lindsey GrahamLindsey Olin GrahamOn The Money: Yellen, Powell brush off inflation fears | Fed keeps rates steady, upgrades growth projections Democrats shift tone on unemployment benefits Bipartisan infrastructure group grows to 20 senators MORE (R-S.C.) as “domestic enemies.”

“Share this document,” the flyer says. “Copy it, re-post it, encourage everyone else to do the same.

“We are Americans who run the United States of America — it’s not run by a bunch of Global Banking Cartels,” the flyer continues. “This is our house; our country; our government, and each of us needs to take ownership of how we succeed in this event.  If we want to save our country, we will do so. If we don’t, it will be because you as an individual wanted someone else to save it for you — this is why we are in this mess — because we trusted our government and the politicians who’ve promised they would serve the people. 

"Look where that has gotten us. It’s time for each of us to say enough is enough & show them who runs this country. Let’s make them panic by getting off the couch. We the people will save our country.”