Congress to lose VIP parking spots at National Airport

Congress to lose VIP parking spots at National Airport
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Members of Congress and the Supreme Court will lose their VIP parking spaces at Reagan Washington National Airport outside Washington starting in June, according to NBC Washington.

The parking spaces will instead be given to construction crews that are working on a major airport expansion over the next four years.


The parking spots — which are located in a restricted lot close to the airport’s terminal — have long been a perk for lawmakers, justices and diplomats.

All Senate and House lawmakers are provided passes to use the special lot. Dulles International Airport also provides parking privileges to members.

"We're closing the 'restricted lot' at Reagan National effective June 30 to make room for adjacent construction of the new security checkpoints," a Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority spokesperson told NBC.

"Contractors will use the lot to access the worksite and stage equipment and supplies until 2021."

But lawmakers will still be allowed to park for free at National Airport in the garages used by public. Members cost taxpayers over $132,000 using the free parking benefit in 2015, according to records obtained by NBC.