Tourism down in US since Trump took office

Tourism to the United States has dropped 4 percent during President Trump's time in the White House, NBC News reported.

Travel spending has dropped by 3.3 percent, or $4.6 billion, and 40,000 jobs have been lost, according to the network, which cited the latest data from the National Travel and Tourism Office.

The U.S. is also no longer the world's second most popular destination for foreign travel, NBC News reported.

Experts say Trump's series of travel bans and some of his rhetoric could have had an impact on travel to the U.S., the network added.

Last year, for example, Tourism Economics President Adam Sacks told The New York Times that it's "not a reach to say the rhetoric and policies of this administration are affecting sentiment around the world, creating antipathy toward the U.S. and affecting travel behavior."

The Los Angeles Times reported earlier this year that the U.S. Travel Association is planning to start a "Visit US" initiative.