DC fire department responds to derailment at Union Station

DC fire department responds to derailment at Union Station
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The D.C. Fire and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Department on Thursday afternoon said they were responding to reports of an Amtrak train derailment at Union Station. 

The train, which derailed just outside of the station, remained upright as emergency responders helped the roughly 190 passengers off, according to Doug Buchanan, the D.C. Fire and EMS chief communications officer.

"Train 20 derailed the lead engine coming into Washington Union Station at a low-speed," Amtrak said in a statement provided to The Hill.


"The engine was removed from the consist. The passengers remained on the train and are currently on the move into the station. There are no reported injuries to the crew or passengers."

Amtrak added that customers can expect delays on trains operating south of Washington.

The Fire and EMS Department dispatched approximately 100 members to the scene, Buchanan said.

All inbound and outbound train service on the north side of Union Station was temporarily shut down "to ensure [Fire and EMS] members’ safety," he added.

"It looks like this will all be done in short order," Buchanan said. 

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