Officials believe they've found wreckage of Indonesian flight

Officials believe they've found wreckage of Indonesian flight
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Officials said Monday they believe they've found at least some of the wreckage of a Lion Air plane that crashed into the sea on Monday with 189 aboard.

Reuters reported that Indonesian search and rescue workers discovered a "ping" from the plane's black box, which records flight data. Divers will be sent to confirm the origin of the signal, which was picked up late Tuesday night.

"We strongly believe that we have found a part of the fuselage," armed forces chief Hadi Tjahjanto said, according to Reuters.


Another Indonesian military official said crews found a 22-meter long object believed to be part of the plane about 32 meters deep in the water. Divers will be sent to investigate the object, Reuters reported.

Lion Air flight JUT610 had taken off from Jakarta early Monday en route to Pangkal Pinang. The pilot lost contact with officials on the ground after 13 minutes, and the plane crashed after it attempted to circle back to Jakarta.

It's unclear why pilots attempted to turn back. The plane was carrying 181 passengers, six crew members and two pilots, all of whom are believed to be dead.

Reuters reported that at least 23 government officials were on the plane, as was one Italian passenger and one Indian pilot.

The State Department said the U.S. would assist Indonesia with the investigation into the incident.