Two arrested for using drone that disrupted flights at London airport

Police arrested two people on Saturday in connection with a drone that disrupted the airspace around London's Gatwick Airport, disrupting scores of flights.

The Associated Press reported that a 47-year-old-man and a 54-year-old woman were arrested on suspicion of disrupting civil aviation in a way likely to endanger people or operations.


The two are from Crawley, which is roughly five miles from the airport, the AP reported.

Gatwick moved toward running at full schedule on Saturday as it continued to address cancelations and delays sparked by drone sightings near the airport. The disruptions affected thousands of passengers as authorities worked to find the culprits.

An airport spokesperson told the AP that passengers should continue to check the status of their flight before traveling to the airport.

“Passengers should expect some delays and cancellations as we continue to recover our operations following three days of disruption and are advised to check with their airline before traveling to the airport,” a Gatwick spokesperson said.

The airport closed at 9 p.m. local time on Wednesday after the initial drone sighting and was open for 45 minutes on Thursday morning before it closed again. The airport reopened on Friday, but continued to deal with delays and fallout from the drone disruption.