American Airlines cancels 737 MAX flights through August

American Airlines announced Sunday that it will extend the cancellation of flights involving Boeing 737 Max passenger jets through August 19.

The airline said in a statement that grounding the planes will result in 115 flights being cancelled per day.

"These 115 flights represent approximately 1.5 percent of American’s total flying each day this summer," the company said.


The Boeing jets have been grounded worldwide since mid-March in response to deadly crashes in Ethiopia and Indonesia.

American initially said it would not fly the aircraft through April 24, then extended the cancellations through June 5.

The Federal Aviation Administration said earlier this month that Boeing needs more time to propose a software fix to the Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS), which, according to preliminary accident reports, was involved in the crashes.

Southwest, the other major domestic carrier that uses the Boeing 737 Max 8, announced Saturday that they would be grounding the jet through August 5.