FAA warns of new problem with Boeing 737s' wing parts

FAA warns of new problem with Boeing 737s' wing parts
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The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) warned on Sunday that more than 300 Boeing 737 jets, including the Max model, may have faulty wing parts.

The agency said it found, during a joint investigation with Boeing, that 148 parts made by a supplier could be “susceptible to premature failure or cracks.” 

"Although a complete failure of a leading edge slat track would not result in the loss of the aircraft, a risk remains that a failed part could lead to aircraft damage in flight,” the FAA warned.


The agency plans to order airlines to remove and replace the parts.

Boeing has identified 20 737 Max passenger jets that are most likely to have the parts in question.

“We are committed to supporting our customers in every way possible as they identify and replace these potentially non-conforming tracks,” Boeing CEO Kevin McAllister said in a statement Sunday.

Boeing is currently seeking approval from the FAA for the 737 Max to resume commercial travel in the U.S. after the model was grounded around the world earlier this year following two deadly crashes.

The fatal crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia have resulted in a $1 billion loss for Boeing this quarter.