FAA seeks to fine passenger accused of striking flight attendant $27,500

FAA seeks to fine passenger accused of striking flight attendant $27,500
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The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is seeking a civil penalty of nearly $27,500 against a passenger who is accused of hitting a flight attendant in the face after being asked to leave the plane.

On Friday the agency stated that a woman passenger who was on a Delta Air Lines flight traveling to Atlanta from Miami started a verbal altercation when she and her companion were asked to disembark the flight after the male companion refused to wear a mask, The Associated Press reported.

The man also declined to fasten his seat belt or close his tray table, the agency said.


When the aircraft returned to its gate in order for the pair to leave, the news wire reported, the woman allegedly began yelling at passengers and the flight attendant, eventually striking her under her left eye.

The FAA did not identify the passengers involved in the incident, but it did state that the woman has 30 days to respond to the penalty, the AP reported. According to the FAA, the woman allegedly violated a federal regulation against assaulting a crew member.

The offense can carry a civil penalty of up to $35,000, according to the AP.

Last month the FAA announced stricter enforcement of penalties for unruly passengers.