Six US utilities form Electric Highway Coalition in Southeast, Midwest

Six US utilities form Electric Highway Coalition in Southeast, Midwest
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Six U.S. utilities under American Electric Power (AEP) have come together to form the Electric Highway Coalition in the Southeast and Midwest to install more charging stations for electric vehicles. 

“With this effort, we are working to help drivers see that EVs fit their lifestyle and their travel plans, wherever the road might take them,” Nicholas Akins, AEP’s chairman, president and chief executive officer said in a press release on Tuesday.

The coalition consists of American Electric Power, Dominion Energy, Duke Energy, Entergy Corporation, Southern Company and Tennessee Valley Authority.


The initiative’s goal is to set up charging stations in the Southeast and Midwest by major highways so those with electric vehicles (EV) will have an easier time with long-distance travel. 

“The companies are each taking steps to provide EV charging solutions within their service territories,” the press release says. “This represents an unprecedented effort to offer convenient EV charging options across different company territories and allow EV travel without interruption.”

Electric vehicles have become more popular due to easy at-home charging and the benefits for the environment. However, some have been hesitant to buy them because of the lack of charging stations for long-distance trips.

Electric vehicles are making their way onto the marketplace, with Volvo saying it wants an all-electric fleet by 2030. General Motors made the same promise by 2035. 

“Across its service territory, AEP is working with regulators to create programs that benefit all customers and support EV adoption, such as off-peak charging programs, incentives for charging station installations, energy efficiency rebates, and consultative services to encourage electrification,” the press release said.