Occupants in small Russian passenger plane survive crash

Occupants in small Russian passenger plane survive crash
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Russian officials said Friday that all 19 passengers on a small commercial plane survived after an engine failure prompted an emergency landing.

The Russian Antonov An-28 plane, operated by regional carrier SiLA, was en route from Kedrovy to Tomsk when it was forced to land after one of its two engines failed, according to Sky News.

After its whereabouts were unknown for a period, rescue workers in a helicopter spotted it in a field, according to The Associated Press.


No serious injuries were reported.

The plane's emergency beacon had been activated during the flight, suggesting it had to make an emergency landing, but crew members had not mentioned there were any problems before the plane went missing, the AP reported.

Friday's crash comes less than two weeks after an Antonov An-26 plane crashed in Russia’s Kamchatka Peninsula due to poor visibility. Twenty-eight people died in that crash. The investigation is still ongoing.