Critics of Boeing lawsuit slam Obama Commerce secretary pick

“Weeks after the National Labor Relations Board issued a complaint against Boeing for building a facility in South Carolina, President Obama has decided to name a member of the company’s board as a nominee to his Cabinet,” WFI spokesman Fred Wszolek said in a statement. “This comes on the heels of disclosures showing Bill Daley, the White House chief of staff, was also working with Boeing when the company decided to set up shop in a right-to-work state in order to meet demand for their 787 Dreamliner aircraft.

“President Obama has a choice to make: Either stop hiring individuals from a company his regulatory agency believes violated federal labor law, or tell Lafe Solomon to cease action against Boeing,” Wszolek continued.
The lawsuit has infuriated South Carolina Republicans and become a rallying cry for GOP presidential candidates hoping to curry favor with them in the state’s early 2012 primary.

Bryson will need to be confirmed by the Senate.


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