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RedState: ‘Time to End Bipartisan Profligacy of Transportation Spending’

{mosads} The article compares the current state of the Highway Trust Fund, which Mica says will be insolvent by 2013 if transportation spending is not cut back to about $35 billion a year, to Social Security.

“One of the preferred methods liberals use to tax and spend is to create special ‘trust funds’ for particular expenditures, with the intent of hiding the funds within the Treasury’s general fund,” the article says. “The system goes something like this: levy a tax that is supposedly earmarked for a specific expense and impounded in a trust fund (lock box); gradually purloin the fund by using it for general expenditures, while using general fund monies (and debt) to overspend on the trust fund expenditures; demand that taxpayers contribute more to the trust fund that has gone broke. 

“This is ostensibly what has happened with the Social Security Trust Fund,” it continued. “It’s also what Big Business and Big Labor desire to do with the Highway Trust Fund, which was modeled after the SS fund.”

RedState called the statement put out last week by the Chamber of Commerce Executive Director of Transportation and Infrastructure Janet Kavinoky “unChamberesque.”

Kavinoky said “Cuts will destroy — rather than support — existing jobs and will not enable creation of the additional jobs needed to put the 16.3% of unemployed workers in the construction industry back to work.”

Rep. Mica responded to the Chamber’s criticism by saying it was “a potential setback” to having a transportation bill at all.

“It is unfortunate that is necessary for me to send this letter and express my dismay with the direction the Chamber has taken at such an important juncture in moving forward with something so critical to our economy and business community,” he said in a letter to Chamber President Thomas Donahue.

“The American people sent a clear message in elected a U.S. House to change the way business is conducted,” he continued. “Thanks to recent and coming elections, the priorities of the American Taxpayer have been and will be place ahead of the unchecked desires of some in Washington to spend money that is borrowed to support our Treasury.”


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