UAW will continue strike while voting on new contract

UAW will continue strike while voting on new contract

While the United Auto Workers (UAW) are close to reaching a deal with auto company General Motors (GM), the workers will continue to strike until the deal is voted on, Reuters reports.


The proposed deal on the table would reportedly give full-time workers higher pay and provide better benefits for temporary workers, but would allow GM to close three plants in the U.S.

The 48,000 striking workers have until Oct. 25 to vote on the deal.

UAW spokesman Brian Rothenberg said at a press conference Thursday in Detroit, “Our members will make this decision. It is their contract. It is in their hands.”

GM, which has lost an estimated $2 billion since the strike started in September, hopes that the deal is voted on quickly.

“We encourage the UAW to move as quickly as possible through the ratification process, so we can resume operations and get back to producing vehicles for our customers,” the auto manufacturer said in a statement.

The ongoing strike is the longest against a Detroit carmaker since 1970.