Apple nearing deal with Hyundai-Kia for branded car: report

Apple nearing deal with Hyundai-Kia for branded car: report
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Apple and Hyundai-Kia are nearing a deal for Hyundai-Kia to manufacture Apple cars at an assembly plant in Georgia, CNBC reported Wednesday

The “Apple Car” would be a completely autonomous electric car and would be manufactured in West Point, Ga., at a Kia plant if the deal closed, according to CNBC.

People familiar with the matter told CNBC that Apple has been working on this car for a while and hopes to have its roll out in 2024. However, Hyundai-Kia still might not be the car company Apple pairs with. 


Apple could go with another company since the deal has not been finalized or work with Hyundai-Kia along with another company. 

Although the look of an “Apple Car” has not been released, a source provided a description of the car.

“The first Apple Cars will not be designed to have a driver,” one source told CNBC. “These will be autonomous, electric vehicles designed to operate without a driver and focused on the last mile.” 

Apple wants the car to be manufactured in North America with a company that will allow the “Apple Car” to be its own identity and not just be a car with Apple software. 

Hyundai-Kai is reportedly hoping this partnership will help their own plans to produce autonomous cars in the future. Another source said that Euisun Chung, the new chairman for the company, “has made it clear, mobility is the future of the company.”

Apple breaking into the car industry could cause Tesla to see some competition as they have been leading in self-driving cars.  

The Hill has reached out to Apple and Hyundai-Kai for comment.