Delta to offer up to $10K to passengers on overbooked flights

Delta to offer up to $10K to passengers on overbooked flights
© Greg Nash

Delta Airlines is allowing airline employees to offer up to nearly $10,000 to encourage passengers to give up their seats on overbooked flights, according to The Associated Press on Friday.

The change comes as rival United Airlines struggles with the fallout of a passenger’s forced removal from a sold-out flight last weekend.

The AP said it obtained an internal Delta memo authorizing the airline’s gate agents to offer as much as $2,000 in compensation for overbooked flights, up from a previous high of $800. Delta supervisors can now offer up to $9,950, up from a $1,350 maximum.

United faced national outrage over its treatment of a passenger who refused to give up his seat to airline personnel last weekend. A video showing the passenger, David Dao, being forced from of his seat and dragged off the plane by security officials went viral.


Dao’s attorney on Thursday claimed his client, a 69-year-old doctor, suffered a concussion, broken nose and lost two teeth during the April 9 violence.

Dao plans on suing United, with a hearing scheduled for Monday in Illinois.

United is reportedly compensating all passengers on the flight for the price of their tickets.

United CEO Oscar Munoz has twice apologized for the company's handling of the confrontation.