JetBlue flight attendants vote to unionize

JetBlue flight attendants vote to unionize
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More than 5,000 flight attendants working for JetBlue Airways voted to unionize on Tuesday.

The Transport Workers Union announced on Facebook that the JetBlue employees voted for the trade union to begin representing them in bargaining negotiations. 


“This historic victory is yet another example of the tide turning in America as workers collectively fight back to defend their livelihoods," John Samuelsen, president of the trade union, said in a statement.

"The United States trade union movement is the greatest vehicle for the economic security of working families that this country has ever seen, and more Americans are recognizing this every day.”

JetBlue pilots in 2014 voted to unionize, joining the Air Line Pilots Association, International.

Samuelsen said the Transport Workers Union is ready to engage in a “fightback campaign” if the airline “refuses to bargain in good faith."

“It is our sincerest wish that the company comes to the table and bargains a fair and just contract with the workers they employ,” Samuelsen said.


Updated April 18 at 1:07 p.m.