16 airlines asked to check new electrical issue in Boeing 737 Max

16 airlines asked to check new electrical issue in Boeing 737 Max
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More than a dozen airlines have been asked to check a potential electrical issue with Boeing’s 737 Max jet.

Boeing said in a statement that it is making the recommendation to 16 carriers “to allow for verification that a sufficient ground path exists for a component of the electrical power system.”

The company said it is working with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on the “production issue,” and is informing its customers of specific tail numbers affected. The company also said it will provide direction on appropriate corrective actions.


The FAA said in a statement on Twitter that it will “ensure the issue is addressed,” and advises passengers to contact airlines about flight delays and cancellations.

Boeing did not identify the airlines that were sent the alert. However, United Airlines told The Hill in a statement that it is temporarily removing 16 of its 737 Max jets “out of an abundance of caution.”

United, which owns a total of 30 of the jets, said it is working with the FAA and Boeing on next steps to return the aircraft to service.


American Airlines also said in a statement that it has removed 17 of its jets “at Boeing’s direction” due to a “potential production issue with a component in the electrical power system.” It has 24 other jets that are not affected by the issue.

Additionally, Southwest Airlines told The Hill that it is grounding 30 of the 58 MAX 8 aircrafts that were included in the notification “for further review.” It is unclear when the crafts will return to service, and the company is waiting for guidance from Boeing on how to correct the issue.

The issue comes several months after the FAA cleared the aircraft for service after it was grounded after a pair of plane crashes killed 346 people. Probes into the crashes revealed that an anti-stalling system was activated due to inaccurate sensor readings.