Passenger arrested, cited for unruly behavior on flight from Los Angeles

A Nevada man was arrested and removed from an American Airlines flight from Los Angeles on Monday after he yelled at another passenger and the flight crew.

The 61-year-old passenger reportedly began yelling midway through the flight after telling another passenger, who was standing, to sit down, Salt Lake City resident Dennis Busch, who was on the flight, told a local news outlet.


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Flight attendants then approached the man, in an attempt to calm him, when he reportedly began yelling “they don’t belong here” at a woman of Asian descent and another passenger she was with.

“He was just yelling that they don’t belong here, and asserting that that was not her seat, but it was — she was there the whole time,” Busch told the Salt Lake Tribune. “After that, the flight attendants had that couple move back.”

In a video Busch posted to TikTok, the man can be seen removing his face mask and yelling at a crew member.

“He was yelling, he was swearing, he was flipping them off, all sorts of stuff,” Busch said. “Then he was getting out of his seat, despite them, you know, repeatedly asking him to remain seated.”


Once the plane landed, the man was taken into custody by local law enforcement officers and later taken to the hospital, the Tribune reported.

He was cited for public intoxication and disorderly conduct, according to a press release.

Busch told the Tribune that the flight attendants handled the “awful situation” the best they could.

Earlier this year, the Federal Aviation Authority warned of a rise in the number of unruly passengers on board U.S. flights, along with a plan to levy high fines against individuals who engaged in such behavior.