NASA moves to protect whistleblowers

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration is looking to protect whistleblowers at NASA contractors and subcontractors who shine a light on corporate corruption.

Government contractors will not be allowed to fire, demote or otherwise discipline employees who blow the whistle on their own companies for abusing their authority by mismanaging a NASA contract, wasting NASA funds, or endangering public health or safety, the agency said Monday.

"Such reprisal is prohibited even if it is undertaken at the request of an executive branch official," NASA wrote in the Federal Register.


These government contractor employees would be allowed to disclose evidence and allegations of illegal activities at their companies to NASA's inspector general, members of Congress, the Government Accountability Office, the Justice Department, and a court or grand jury.

However, these protections would not apply to government contractor employees who disclose intelligence information, such as Edward Snowden. 

The whistleblower protections go into effect immediately.