Immigration activists promise to step up pressure on Obama

Immigration activists say they are losing patience with President Obama over immigration reform.

Saying they are tired of "political excuses," the activists promised they will "ramp up" pressure on Obama until he takes action.


"The president already disappointed our community by choosing politics over our families, when he decided to delay action on immigration because of the midterms," Cristina Jimenez, managing director of United We Dream, said Wednesday during a press call.

"We will not accept the same political excuses that we have heard again and again and again," she added.

The White House has said Obama will take executive action on immigration reform after the election. He postponed action until after the election at the request of Senate Democrats, who worried it could hurt their electoral chances. 

Obama at the time said that he did not want to make it a political issue.

On Wednesday, Jimenez and other immigration activists warned Obama not to waste any more time and move forward with unilateral action on immigration reform soon after the midterms on Nov. 4.

They also called on the president to block the deportations of the parents of so-called "dreamers," children who are allowed to live in the country, even though they were brought into the country illegally.

Immigration activists say the same rights should be extend to their parents. This is of particular concern to Diego Vaca, a "dreamer" whose mother is in jeopardy of being deported.

"My mother no longer has to live in fear of my brother and I being deported," Vaca said. "But we still have to live in fear that when we come home she will not be there. 

"She has dreams, too," he added.