GOP: Obama regs are real Halloween monster

Few things should scare the American public this Halloween more than the accumulation of federal regulations under the Obama administration, House Republicans warn in a new horror video spoof.

“HORROR! SHOCK! DEVASTATION!” begins the video message, styled after an old-timey movie trailer and posted on YouTube by GOP members of the House Financial Services Committee.


The subject of the fright: A Federal Register that is expanding with the accumulation of thousands of new federal rules each year.

“It’s become a monster terrorizing Main Street,” Republicans warn.  “See for yourself if you dare!”

Of course, federal rules pile up under every administration. But Republicans have relentlessly assailed the Obama administration’s regulatory policies and are ratcheting up the attacks ahead of next week’s midterm elections.

"It is time for all to take off partisan blinders and acknowledge the truth that Washington regulators aren’t always right and more red tape is not always the solution to every problem. It is time to hold Washington accountable," Committee Chairman Jeb Hensarling (R-Texas) said.

The video, entitled “The Thing that Kills Jobs,” features scenes from black and white horror flicks, spliced together with stacks of federal rule books that Republicans describe as “the most grotesque monstrosity of all.”