TSA eases airport screening for cadets

U.S. military cadets can now leave their belts, shoes and jackets on when going through airport security.
On Monday, the Transportation Security Administration extended precheck expedited screening benefits to U.S. Military Academy, Naval Academy, Coast Guard Academy and Air Force Academy students.


More than 120 airports and 11 major airlines participate in the TSA Precheck Program, which allows certain travelers to keep their laptops, and 3-ounce liquid, gel and aerosol bottles in their carry-on bags when passing through airport security.

They may also keep their belts, shoes and light jackets on under the program.
The announcement comes in celebration of Veterans Day, which is Tuesday.

“Providing expedited screening while on travel is the least we can do for our military and service academies,” TSA Administrator John Pistole said in a news release.

Last year, TSA extended the precheck benefits to all service members of the U.S.

Those serving in the U.S. Coast Guard, Reserves and National Guard are required to use their Department of Defense ID number to go through expedited screening.