Federal study puts spotlight on tired truck drivers

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is investigating whether truck drivers are being pressured to get behind the wheel and drive long hours even when they're tired.

The FMCSA will release a report Thursday that is expected to reveal tactics trucking companies use to monitor the productivity of their drivers. The concern is these companies may be using the information on electronic logging devices to pressure their drivers to stay on the road.

This comes in response to an FMCSA rule proposed in March that would require truckers to record their hours electronically. The agency is looking into whether trucking companies use this information to harass drivers.


The survey asks truckers whether their companies use information provided on the electronic logging devices to "harass them" and how often it happens.

The report, "Attitudes of Truck Drivers and Carriers on the Use of Electronic Logging Devices and Driver Harassment," which was due in September, will also suggest rule changes that could be made to protect drivers from being pressured to drive when they're tired.

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