New safety measures aimed at off-road vehicles

Similar to all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), recreational off-road vehicles are facing new safety requirements from the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the agency said Tuesday.

The CPSC is proposing new rules for these off-road vehicles to make sure they don't rollover on drivers and passengers while in motion. The safety requirements will include lateral stability measures, vehicle handling requirements, and speed controls.

These recreational vehicles, better known as ROVs, are popular for going off-road on dirt trails and in the woods. But the CPSC says they present an "unreasonable risk of injury and death" that must be addressed with stricter safety measures.

"ROVs and All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) are similar in that both are motorized vehicles designed for off-highway use, and both are used for utility and recreational purposes," the agency wrote in the Federal Register. "However, ROVs differ significantly from ATVs in vehicle design. ROVs have a steering wheel instead of a handle bar for steering; foot pedals instead of hand levers for throttle and brake control; and bench or bucket seats rather than straddle seating for the occupants."

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