Brick masons facing new emissions standards

Homebuilders are among those who could be affected by new emissions standards from the Environmental Protection Agency that could cost industry millions of dollars to comply with.

The EPA announced Wednesday it is considering new emissions standards for the manufacturers of brick, structural clay, ceramic walls, floor tiles, and other products used to build homes.

The proposed emissions standards are aimed at protecting the public health and air quality by rooting out hazardous pollutants often found in brick and clay, the EPA noted. 


Manufacturers would face new limits for how much mercury, metal, dioxins, furans, and acid gas they use in the process of making bricks and clay.

The EPA estimates the proposed emissions standards would cost manufacturers more than $55 million initially and close to $20 million each year after that to comply with.

But the rules would also save the public between $26 million and $99 million in environmental and healthcare costs, the agency noted.

The public has 60 days to comment on the proposed rules.