Most young Republicans support legalizing pot

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A majority of young Republican voters support legalizing marijuana, even as older GOP members still believe it would be a danger to society, according to a new study.

The Pew Research Center found in a recent study that nearly two-thirds of Republican millennials, 63 percent, believe pot should be legalized. Millennials include those born since 1981.

{mosads}”That trend is driven largely by the Millennial generation, who support marijuana at much higher rates than their elders,” the study noted.

This could be a sign that younger Republicans are becoming more socially liberal as the study notes that they are also more supportive of issues like gay marriage than older generations.

“Republican Millennials, however, are not as supportive of marijuana legalization as their young Democratic and Democratic-leaning counterparts,” the study noted.

In fact, 77 percent of millennial Democrats support marijuana legalization, the study found.

There is still strong opposition to marijuana legalization among older Republicans. Among GOP voters, only 47 percent of Generation X, 38 percent of baby boomers, and 17 percent of the silent generation would like to legalize pot.

Their opposition to marijuana legalization is shared by just 35 percent of millennial Republicans, according to Pew.

Overall, Pew found last year that 52 percent of Americans support legalizing marijuana.

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