The ‘friendliest’ state for criminals to buy guns?


Which states are the “friendliest” toward criminals looking to buy guns?

The comedy website Funny or Die is teaming with a prominent gun control group to mock states they portray as having weak gun laws as part of a new online campaign.

Arizona tops the list as the “friendliest state” for criminals to buy and carry guns, according to a new report from the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.

The report is featured on a parody website that poses as a resource for criminals looking to buy guns, where Arizona is referred to as the state of the “Grand Canyon and gun crimes.”

“That’s why I love Arizona, where I can go see the Grand Canyon and carry a loaded gun without having to get a background check,” an actor pretending to be a criminal says in a parody video created by Funny or Die.

Many of the states with the weakest gun laws are found in the old Wild, Wild West, according to the report.

Alaska, Wyoming, Louisiana and Montana round out the list of the top five “friendliest” states to criminals looking to buy guns.

Meanwhile, the parody website also identifies the easiest states for traffickers to buy guns and bring them back to states with tougher guns laws to sell them there on the black market.

Mississippi tops the traffickers list, followed by West Virginia, Kentucky, Alaska and Alabama.

The parody website also warns criminals to stay away from the states with the strongest gun laws. California and Connecticut top the list of the “least friendly states” toward criminals looking to buy guns.

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